Statistics of the Victims of the Syrian regime’s crimes up to the end of October 2015

Due to the restrictions on media coverage and heavy handed security procedures enforced by the Syrian regime, documenting killed, detained and missing persons has been extremely difficult in most areas since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Despite this, many concerned organizations, centers and civil society groups have been able to gather and update detailed statistics on the victims of the Syrian regime’s crimes over the last three years. The Syrian Revolution Martyr Database, which depends on a number of sources including the Syrian Revolution Martyrs Committee and the Local Coordination Committees, is the most important of these organizations. They also include the Syrian Center for Statistics and Research, the Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria and the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies. These organizations publish daily statistics on deaths and detentions. Sometimes they also publish information about injuries, missing persons, émigrés and displaced persons. Some of them also publish monthly and yearly statistics, and certain specialized statistical reports.


The attached monthly statistical report was prepared by the Syrian Revolution Statistics Group (the Group), which currently works in the Democratic Republic Research Center’s statistics department and was established in 2012 as part of the Network for Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. It is an initiative that has relied on the personal means of its members and volunteer work without links to any actors or outside funding and it has continued to operate in this manner. On a monthly basis, the Group updates statistics for the total number victims of the Syrian regime’s crimes based on the overall number of deaths, injuries, detentions, missing persons, displaced persons and émigrés. To do this it has depended on corroborative information sourced from the aforementioned organizations and has applied certain statistical standards on checking and comparison of figures as well as ongoing correction of data. Certain statistical indexes related to the number and frequency of cases are also taken into account with consideration given to reports issued by the United Nations in this respect.

The attached statistical report represents the number of victims as a result of the Syrian regime’s crimes in Syria up until the end of October 2015 over a period of 55.5 months/1,691 days.

Total number of fully documented deaths: 151,685, including 3,600 Palestinians, 16,970 children, 16,155 women and 12,010 persons who died under torture.

  • Deaths by percentage: children %11.19, women 10.65, deaths under torture %7.92.
  • Estimated number of dead: 280,000 (%82 of dead are civilians.)
  • Estimated number of injured: over 262,270
  • Estimated number of detainees: over 282,195 (this includes some detainees who have been released.)
  • Estimated number of missing persons: over 109,535.
  • Number of refugees outside Syria: over 4,450,940.
  • Number of internally displaced persons: 9,100,000.
  • Overall number of victims of violence 14,356,625 (deaths, injuries, detentions, lost persons, refugees and displaced persons.)
  • Number of individuals in affected families make up %70 of all Syrians: 19,719,680 (families of the dead, families of the injured, families of detainees, refugees and displaced persons.)
  • Number of families with no breadwinner: approximately 144,000 (around 1 million individuals.)

The total figures show that following rates (according to fully documented figures):

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·         Every 4 minutes

·         Every 10 minutes

·         Every 13 minutes

·         Every 15 minutes

·         Every day

·         Every day

·         Every day


the regime detains a citizen.

the regime injures a citizen.

the regime ‘disappears’ a citizen.

the regime kills a citizen.

the regime kills 8 children.

the regime tortures 4 citizens to death.

the regime forces 2,600 civilians to flee the country and internally displaces 5,300.


Link to full report (Arabic)

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